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Stone Tile Colors

Friday, May 28th, 2010

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Stone tile is a beautiful and durable building material that has been used for many years all over the country. The problem is when it’s not taken care of properly, its color can be muted or altered, making it less attractive than when it was installed. With a material that can theoretically last as long as stone tile, cleaning is a task that will eventually take its toll unless you use the proper techniques.

Why Stone Tile Fading Occurs
The delicate colors of stone can definitely be altered by the improper use of cleaning chemicals, but there are other factors that can cause stone tile fading, as well. Mopping with dirty solution, using chemicals that are not designed for stone care, and large amounts of direct sunlight can each affect the color of natural minerals within the tile. This causes fading and color changes that most homeowners simply don’t want.

Chemicals used in Stone Tile Cleaning
In the stone maintenance industry, there are two main types of chemicals that are utilized: water-based and solvent-based.

Water-based chemicals are chemicals that contain water and have a pH balance. There are a variety of water-based chemicals on the market such as neutral cleaners, ammonia, and bleach. Basically, this group includes most chemicals that have a pH balance. Water-based chemicals are generally considered more environmentally-friendly than solvent-based chemicals.

Solvent-based chemicals do not contain any water and do not register a pH balance. Their ingredients are only soluble in other solvents. Some examples of solvent chemicals are paint thinners, most penetrating sealers, D-Limonene, and alcohol.

No one cleanser is right for every job. Make sure to carefully read the labels of any product you purchase to make sure that it is recommended for the type of stone that’s in your home.

Proper Stone Tile Cleaning and Care
Stone is a natural material which should be cared for with proper maintenance procedures. The hardness and absorbency of the stone will help decide which chemicals, pads, brushes, and equipment are necessary to maintain the stone.

For day-to-day stone tile cleaning, you should be okay as long as you are using a solution that is approved for the kind of tile you’re working on, and you don’t let that solution get too dirty before you replenish it. If you are moving into a new place that hasn’t been well-maintained, you might consider hiring professionals to come in and clean not just the stone, but other areas of the home, as well.

Cleaning Continuous Surface Stone and Concrete
Stone flooring can be found in both modern and classic construction. When dealing with this kind of surface, you most likely need to take into account the finish and top coating of your floor. Especially when dealing with the concrete flooring that is becoming ever more popular in new homes and condos, using a cleaning solution that is designed for this surface is very important if you want to keep your floor looking its best. Though stone tile cleaning is a fairly straightforward job, a polished and sealed continuous concrete or stone floor will often require a professional hand every once in a while to maintain and protect the surface.

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Why Choose a Professional for Natural Stone Care?

Friday, May 28th, 2010

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Why Choose a Professional for Natural Stone Care?

Your home’s beautiful stone surfaces deserve the best professional care. ABC Real‘s high-quality, proven stone cleaning process gives you just that!

First, our experienced technicians will complete a detailed inspection of your home’s stone surfaces and then they will recommend the best overall cleaning process.

For most surfaces the treatment may involve the following steps:

  • Preparation and pre-cleaning surfaces including masking of non-treatment areas
  • Pre-sealing – In some cases, to maintain surface as dry as possible
  • Honing – Using a laboratory-developed and filed-tested combination of abrasive compounds, cleaning agents and grease cutters, the stone surface is gently honed to remove scratches, etches, and wear marks.
  • Polish – After a thorough rinse following the honing process, special machinery and compounds are used to bring original shine back to treated stone surfaces.
  • Sealing – One or more coats of special sealant are applied and buffed, to protect against future staining.

Whether your stone renewal needs are for your floor, kitchen or bathroom surfaces, ABC Real has the experience and proven treatment options to revitalize and renew all of your stone surfaces, including:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Travertine
  • Terrazzo
  • Saltillo
  • And many others, just ask our technicians

By the way, we can handle your grout repair or grout color sealing needs as well. And if your tile is ceramic or porcelain, we can clean that too!

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Most window cleaning services charge by the number of panes. Each pane is a piece of glass framed on all sides by wood or metal. Some companies charge by the total square footage of the home.
Typical costs:
  • Generally, window cleaning costs $2-$7 per pane. For a 1,300-square foot home with 20 panes, the cost would run $40-$140. For a 2,200-square foot home with 28 panes, the price would average $56-$196.
  • Self-cleaning windows can be made easier with the proper tools. ABC Real ltd recommends buying a professional squeegee and using dish soap. Squeegees and window washing tools run under $20.

What should be included:

  • Good Housekeeping recommends cutting “prep” fees by removing drapery and blinds ahead of time, and clearing any furniture that obstructs access.

Additional costs:

  • Screen cleaning is $1 -$5 each, depending on size. Some companies will not clean broken or torn screens.
  • Sliding glass doors run $2.50-$8 per door. Some companies average the cost of sliding doors with small bathroom windows, to cut the price.
  • Some cleaners will include sills and tracks. If not, the price runs $1-$5.
  • While second-story work is generally charged the same as single story, third and fourth-floor ladder work runs $3-$5 extra per window.
  • Paint or stain removal on the windows costs $3.50-$6 for a regular-sized window.
  • Removing mineral deposits is included by some companies and runs up to $20 per pane at others.
  • Some companies offer a 10-20% discount for scheduling with neighbors.
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    Do you need a professional window cleaning company?

    Thursday, May 27th, 2010

    ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

    Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but those who live in glass houses should definitely consider using window-cleaning services.

    If you are sick of staring out the window in your home or office and cursing the filthy bird that did its business in a windstorm, why not call in a window cleaning professional.

    Do You Need A Professional?

    Window cleaning services usually benefit commercial spaces and elaborate houses. These spaces are usually covered with large, hard to reach windows that can only be cleaned by professionals.

    What The Pros Do

    Window cleaning services can remove any type of filth and grime from your windows whether they are at ground level or on the 52nd floor. Some window cleaning services pride themselves in multi-tasking. Often services that clean windows will also clean out gutters, paint exteriors and apply protective coating various exterior surfaces.

    Window cleaning services that specialize in commercial buildings will often use a cherry picker or other power-operated platforms to lift their workers. Window cleaning services for commercial buildings will also often employ window cleaners who are specially trained to hang in harnesses while they clean, swinging from window to window.

    Window Cleaning Services – What to Expect

    Professional window cleaning will differ depending on whether you hire a window cleaning service to for your home, for a small business or for a large high-rise commercial building.

    Step One: Get A Quote

    Anyone in the market for clean windows may need to get a few quotes for window cleaning prices before they find a service that suits their budget, but once a reasonable, trusted window cleaning service is discovered it can benefit home and business owners for years to come.


    In all cases a window cleaning service will visit your property to give you a cost estimate. You will then have to review the estimate and decide whether or not to accept the service. If you choose to accept the service you will likely have to sign a contract to ensure payment and the safety of the workers according to all local, state and federal laws set for window cleaning.

    Hiring a Professional Cleaner For Your Home

    Hiring a window cleaning service one a year can be a good idea for homeowners with two and three-story houses. A window cleaning service can safely access high-up windows with professional equipment so homeowners do not have to put themselves in danger balancing on a ladder with a rag and spray bottle.

    Window Cleaning Services – What They Do

    Have you ever heard the saying: Cleanliness is next to Godliness? Whether or not you agree with that statement, you will surely agree that a clean environment produces a more pleasing effect to observers than a dirty environment. There is very little good that can be said about dirtiness and this is particularly true when you’re talking about windows.

    The Quick Clean: A Catch 22

    There is the simple solution of simply cleaning your windows by spraying water on them. An easy answer, this tactic falls under the Catch-22 of pretty much every kind of simple answer – it creates more problems than it solves. When you clean your windows by just spraying water on to it, you have the prospect of leaving your windows with streaks. Also, your windows will not look particularly clean and your windows will give off the impression that you are cheap and are completely oblivious to how your windows should look.

    Window Cleaning Services Use The Latest Technology

    Additionally, window cleaning services will offer exciting new window cleaning systems such as the Reach Wash System, a cleaning system that is the safest method to cleaning windows while fulfilling its promise of delivering 100% pure water to your windows during cleaning.

    Window cleaning services also employ such systems as abseiling and hydraulic lift platforms that allow window cleaners to thoroughly clean your windows, regardless of its height or location. As professionals, window cleaning services offer the safest and most extensive path for you to reach your goal of clean windows.

    Window Cleaning Services – What To Ask:

    If you are considering hiring a window cleaning service to remove grime from your home or office windows there are a few key things to discuss with the professionals you hire so both workers and the public remain protected.

    Questions to Ask Your Window Cleaning Service Provider:

    • How can you prove to me that you operate within all laws and licensing agreements?
    • How do you deal with safety issues and do you have procedures in place for rooftop safety and fall protection?
    • How can you assure me that your workers are properly trained?
    • How can you prove to me that all of your equipment meets industry standards and is well maintained and regularly serviced?
    • Will you need to make use of any permanent window cleaning equipment that may be installed on my building’s rooftop?
    • How long will the cleaning take?
    • How much will it cost me?
    • How many people will you employ to do the job?
    • Is there anything I can do to make the work easier for your crew?

    Find The Best Cleaner for YOU

    Shop around for various window-cleaning services so that you can compare prices and procedures. You window cleaning professionals will respect that you know what you are talking about and exactly what you want when it comes time to take care of window cleaning.

    Knowing the right questions to ask will ensure that you receive thorough service that is done properly with the least possibility of unexpected problems.

    Window Cleaning Prices

    Window cleaning prices will differ depending on the company and the building that they are dealing with. Equipment, staffing and effort all play into the cost of window cleaning and therefore any windows that are easily accessible will be less expensive to have professionally cleaned than those that are on the 63rd floor.

    Usually the least expensive window cleaning services come from self-employed window cleaners and small window cleaning companies. These companies get their business from small business owners who pay the window cleaning service to periodically clean their storefront windows. These small window-cleaning outfits can usually provide lower quotes for window cleaning prices because they use few staff and little equipment. A storefront window can usually be cleaned by one window cleaner with just a bucket, scrubber, rag and squeegee.

    Cleaning Prices For Residential Homes

    Window cleaning prices for residential homes can differ depending on the number of windows and whether the home is two or three-stories. Some residential window cleaning services will use high-tech equipment to lift workers off the ground to reach high-up windows while others will use conventional window cleaning methods or power-washers to get the job done. The less dangerous and strenuous the job is, the less the homeowner will pay for the service.

    Cleaning Prices For Commercial Space

    Window cleaning prices for commercial buildings can be high, but this is to be expected. Typically cleaning a large office building requires heavy equipment like power-operated platforms or cherry pickers to elevate workers and a crew of specially trained window cleaning professionals who have been certified to clean windows at great heights. The cost of window cleaning services for commercial buildings factors in the difficulty and danger of the job as well as the number of people that need to be paid to do the job.

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    Easter Decoration Ideas

    Saturday, February 27th, 2010

    Decorate Your Easter Eggs Naturally

    ABC Real ltd Holiday Decoration Service

    Decorating eggs is a traditional craft practiced by families and artisans around the world. Some use decorating methods handed down over generations, such as the elaborately decorated pysanky of Slavic nations or the cascarones of Mexico. Others invent new ways to embellish their eggs each year — painting them, writing on them, turning them into funny faces, or trimming them with odds and ends from around the house. Many folks, though, prefer their eggs simply dyed in a rainbow of hues. For both children and adults, it can be fascinating to see the effects of dipping the eggs into different colored dyes.

    You can decorate either hard-cooked eggs or empty eggshells. Hard-cooked eggs are a bit sturdier for children to use, while empty shells are best if you’re making an egg tree or want to keep the eggs on display for a considerable time. To dye your eggs, use commercial egg dyes, food coloring or dyes you make yourself from foods and spices. According to the American Egg Board, homemade natural dyes are easy to prepare and go well with all-natural eggs.

    Simply toss your choice of a handful — or two or three — of one of the materials below into a saucepan. For spices, try a spoonful or two instead. Use your own judgment about quantity. This is an art, not a science. Add about a cup of water for each handful, so the water comes at least an inch above the dyestuff. Bring to boiling, reduce the heat and simmer from 15 minutes up to an hour, until the color is the shade you want. Keep in mind that the eggs will dye a lighter shade than the dye. Remove the pan from the heat.

    To achieve the following colors, try these natural dye materials:

    • Pinkish red — Fresh beets, cranberries, radishes or frozen raspberries
    • Orange — Yellow onion skins
    • Delicate yellow — Orange or lemon peels, carrot tops, celery seed or ground cumin
    • Yellow — Ground turmeric
    • Pale green — Spinach leaves
    • Green-gold — Yellow Delicious apple peels
    • Blue — Canned blueberries or red cabbage leaves
    • Beige to brown — Strong brewed coffee or black tea
    • Brown-gold — Dill seeds
    • Brown-orange — Chili powder
    • Gray — Purple or red grape juice or beet juice

    Through cheesecloth, a coffee filter or a fine sieve, strain the dye mixture into a small bowl that’s deep enough to completely cover the eggs you want to dye. Add two to three teaspoons of white vinegar for each cup of dye liquid. With a slotted spoon or wire egg holder from a dyeing kit, lower the eggs into the hot liquid. Let the eggs stand until they reach the desired color. For emptied eggshells, stir or rotate for even coloring. With the spoon or wire egg holder, remove the eggs to a rack or drainer. Allow the eggs to dry thoroughly. Within less than two hours, refrigerate hard-cooked eggs that you intend to eat.

    If you’d like a shiny finish, rub the dyed eggs with a bit of cooking oil. You can also use food-safe white glue to add natural decorations, such as beans, seeds, small pasta shapes or large pieces of spices. Be creative and experiment to express yourself in unique ways.

    For other egg-decorating ideas, visit

    However you decide to color your hard-cooked eggs, follow these tips if you’d like to enjoy their high-quality protein later:

    • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the eggs at every step, including cooking, cooling, dyeing and hiding.
    • If you won’t be coloring your eggs right after cooking them, store them in their cartons in the refrigerator.
    • Don’t color , hide or eat cracked eggs. And don’t eat eggs that have been out of refrigeration for more than two hours.
    • When coloring the eggs, use water warmer than the eggs.
    • Refrigerate the eggs in their cartons right after coloring and refrigerate them again after they’ve been hidden and found.
    • If you plan to use hard-cooked eggs as a centerpiece or other decoration and they will be out of refrigeration for many hours or several days, cook extra eggs to refrigerate for eating. Discard the eggs that have been left out as a decoration.

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    Las Vegas Stone Cleaning

    Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

    ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

    How often should stone resealing be done?
    Sealers do not last forever. Father Time, Mother Nature, cleaning, accidents, wear & tear all impact sealers. Resins in impregnators break down, and acrylics wear thin. Resealing is determined by traffic, stone porosity and sealer quality. For most active homes, sealed with a good sealer, every-other-year in high traffic and wet areas is sufficient. When re-surface maintenance is done, areas that absorb should be resealed. Exterior applications will have a fluctuating sealer life depending on climate and maintenance. consult our stone care professionals.

    How do you know your stone was cleaned & sealed properly?
    You can’t always tell by looking. Appearances can be deceiving. Many stones have rustic, old-world finishes, which appear ragged and worn by design. Cleaning and sealing stone does not change their appearance. If desired, re-honing or polishing upgrades can offer a more consistent finish to alter the appearance. However, improper procedures or using the wrong type of sealer can adversely effect the stone finish. Topical sealers or enhancers are often misapplied to smooth stones leaving blotchy, cloudy areas where scuffing and tracking can easily occur. If the stone has a rough surface, aggressive cleaning is necessary, otherwise haze and debris can remain on the stone. A visit from a qualified stone care professional is often needed to determine a diagnosis.

    My stone is sealed but I’m getting dull spots that look like watermarks. What’s wrong?
    Anything acidic etches the surface of marble, travertine and limestone. These dull, hazy, white looking marks are actually etches from foods, liquids, cleaners or other products containing acid. Etching can happen instantly. Like when lemon juice hits your eye and burns, the stone shows it just as quickly. Only routine polishing or honing can remove these spots. See the las vegas stone cleaning section for more info.

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    Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning

    Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

    Carpet cleaning is important! Carpeting is a major investment in your home, and regular cleanings are necessary to keep it looking new. Just as the clothes we wear need regular washing to keep them fresh and hygienic, so carpets require periodic professional carpet cleaning. Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of reduced carpet life, and enable destructive and health harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked. Carpet cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of carpets and soft furnishings, so regular cleaning makes economic sense too.