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Cleaning & Restoration Services; Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Carpet Cleaning Etc.

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

ABC Real, Cleaning Las Vegas offers a very wide variety of cleaning services in your local areas. We offer cleaning services such as the following; Window Cleaning, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Stone Cleaning & Restoration, Wood Floor Cleaning & Restoration, Holiday Lights Installation, Graffiti Removal, Tile & Grout Cleaning & Fire, Water or Mold Damages.

Our Window Cleaning Service is very affordable and professional. Here is a brief list of coverage areas:

Las Vegas Window Cleaning

North Las Vegas Window Cleaning

Henderson Window Cleaning

Summerlin Window Cleaning

Aliante Window Cleaning

Green Valley Window Cleaning

Sun City Window Cleaning

Like our window cleaning services our Pressure Washing service is just as affordable and professional. We get the job done and do it right the first time. Here is a brief list of our coverage areas:

Las Vegas Pressure Washing

North Las Vegas Pressure Washing

Henderson Pressure Washing

Summerlin Pressure Washing

Sun City Pressure Washing

Aliante Pressure Washing

Green Valley Pressure Washing

Carpet Cleaning service is one of the best in Las Vegas and cannot be beat or matched. If you would like to find out more of any of these services please click one of the links above thanks.

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Las Vegas Tile Cleaning

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Contrary to popular belief, maintenance of ceramic tiles and grout is not a very difficult task for you. Fairly easy to maintain following a few tips that most homeowner and home makers should know. In fact such maintenance is mainly related to tile cleaning tactics. Before that it would be convenient learning about a couple of terminologies. Grout for instance is the stuff that is place between the tile lines on the walls.

Similar to the appliances used for concrete structures, las vegas tile & grout is a bit softer in comparison and takes the form of soft paste. With the passage of time the soft paste hardens. Maintenance of grout is important so that shower or tub area prevents leakage of water into the walls behind the tile. Caulk is another rubber like stuff that is put around the edges of the shower or tube or at the base of the doors. .

They are also placed on any of the edges. Maintenance in this case will depend on the use of the shower and gaps between the uses. Caulk is often made white or colored for matching with the grout applied. Remember; cleaning and maintaining tiles is different from the carpet cleaning Melbourne or the rug cleaning.  The difference is one between the fiber and hard material. Tiles are stronger yet brittle while carpet or rugs are softer and unbreakable.

Going back to the issues relating to tile cleaning it is important remembering that such cleaning or maintenance is general cleaning. The process is largely dependent on the ventilation and the atmosphere of the room where they are laid. If the room is not dry and exposed to moisture, there could be growth of mold on the tiles blackening and darkening its features.

It is very important for you to prevent such occurrences. Not only the tiles get blackened and darkened due to such happenings but also become dangerous especially for kids and pets that can easily slip and fall on the slippery surface those results due to development of molds. Using quality cleaning materials and accessories will prevent this from happening.

One of the elements that could be effectively used for tile cleaning is hydrogen peroxide. Additional advantage of using hydrogen peroxide is that it kills germs that help growth of mold and the mold won’t come back as easily as in case of tile structures not maintained. But tiles are not used for flooring alone. They are also used in tubs, fixtures, doors etc and for these particular areas the Bon Ami cleanser could be used with Teflon scrub sponge or any soft brush to get the best results.

Using cleaners for las vegas tile cleaning that are green, which means they do not emit any harmful gaseous emissions that would adversely affect the health or physique of the inhabitants in the rooms or environment around are the only precaution that you need taking.

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Service

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Best Methods for Las Vegas Cleaning Carpets

You know its time.  Even though you have been religious about vacuuming your carpets, quickly attending to spots and spills, and varying traffic patterns to reduce soiling and wear, your carpets are ready for a freshening, and you have decided to hire a professional to give your carpets a deep cleaning.  All carpets should be deep cleaned every twelve to eighteen months; a thorough cleaning not only revitalizes the look of your carpeting, it also reduces wear, extends its life and may be required in the terms of your warranty.  But just how should your carpet be cleaned?  There are five accepted methods for cleaning carpets, and one is right for you.

In most new carpets, your carpet manufacturer or retailer will recommend the best cleaning procedure for deep cleaning your carpets.  Always follow these recommendations.  If you are attempting the deep cleaning yourself, chose a carpet shampoo or cleaning and follow the directions for application and dilution to the letter.  Never use soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent or other household cleaners intended for use on other flooring surfaces.  For the best results, be certain to vacuum the carpet thoroughly before las vegas carpet cleaning, and apply a preconditioning solution before the deep cleaning process.  These pre-cleaning solutions are mild detergents that begin loosening soil before the actual cleaning begins.

There are several ways to find the best professional for your job. You may simply ask for referrals from friends, family or even carpet stores or you may use the Internet to do your own search.  No matter which means you use, be aware of the five basic methods professionals use to clean carpets.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages; discuss with a professional which is best for your carpets before you begin deep cleaning your carpets.

Dry extraction carpet cleaning service uses an absorbent compound containing special detergents and solvents that is infused in and around the carpet fibers with specially-designed machines and brushes.  The compound acts as a tiny magnet, attracting dirt, oils and soil in the carpet fibers, and then both the soil and the compound are removed by vacuuming.  This method is recommended for sturdy fibers, including most synthetics, and is especially appropriate for natural fibers like wool and cotton that should not be exposed to excessive moisture.

The dry foam extraction method applies a special detergent solution that has been fluffed into a foam, and then applied to the carpet.  This foam, which is less dense and much drier than a wet solution, is worked into the carpet by specially designed machines, and then removed by wet vacuuming.  Some dry foam machines have their own extraction capabilities, while others need a thorough vacuuming after the carpet is dry.

The hot water extraction method, or “steam cleaning,” as it is sometimes called, is the most common method for do-it-yourselfers and mobile professional cleaners.  After preconditioning carpet areas that have experienced heavy use, the carpet cleaner uses hot water extraction equipment to infuse a pressurized cleaning solution into the carpet.  Suspended soil and the cleaning solution are immediately extracted.  Use caution with the hot water extraction system so that carpets do not become saturated, and accelerate drying in any way possible – using fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers or additional drying strokes – to avoid possible damage and discoloration resulting from the moisture.

The rotary shampoo method is the classic home vegas carpet cleaning technique.  A machine with rotary brushes injects a cleaning solution into the carpet, and then removes the loosened soil and cleaning solution.  And as with steam cleaning, be certain you carpet dries as quickly as possible.  Never use a machine intended for hard surface flooring to shampoo your carpets – pile distortion and untwisting of fibers can occur, causing permanent damage to your carpet.

The absorbent pad method should be used only by a trained cleaning professional.  In the absorbent pad method, a special machine similar to a floor buffer with an absorbent spin pad is used to remove the soil.  The pad absorbs soil on the carpet, and the soil is then rinsed off of the pad.  The pad must remain saturated with the cleaning solution or damage to the carpet pile may occur.  And regularly change the pad to prevent returning the soil back to the carpet face.

When choosing a deep cleaning method for your carpets, always check the recommendations of the carpet manufacturer, the equipment manufacturer, and your carpet cleaning professional.  The match between your carpet and the right deep cleaning method will give your carpets added years of beauty and wear.

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services