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Las Vegas Wood Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

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Las Vegas Wood Floors that are kept in good condition add a sense of elegance and beauty to any home. Caring and maintaining them may be daunting but with a little know-how you can keep them looking as good as new.


* Superficial blemishes can be eliminated by taking fine steel wool and a wood floor cleaner and lightly rubbing in the direction of the grain. Tougher stains should be treated with oxalic acid. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when applying to a stain.

* For cigarette burns that are not too deep, sand with sand paper, then finish by sanding with soapy steel wool and water. Dry with a soft cloth and apply a finish coat and sealant floor is dry. Apply a coat of wax for your final touch.

* For a fast refinishing job, dip steel wool into denatured alcohol and remove built-up wax. Any boards that have large cracks or gouges will have to be pulled up, replaced, sanded, and then varnished. After this is done, pour alcohol over a four foot square area for about five minutes. Make sure the room is well ventilated and that there are no nearby flames or heat sources around, then scrub with steel wool and the wipe with a soft, clean rag.

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

Las Vegas Stone Cleaning

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

ABC Real ltd Complete Cleaning Services

How often should stone resealing be done?
Sealers do not last forever. Father Time, Mother Nature, cleaning, accidents, wear & tear all impact sealers. Resins in impregnators break down, and acrylics wear thin. Resealing is determined by traffic, stone porosity and sealer quality. For most active homes, sealed with a good sealer, every-other-year in high traffic and wet areas is sufficient. When re-surface maintenance is done, areas that absorb should be resealed. Exterior applications will have a fluctuating sealer life depending on climate and maintenance. consult our stone care professionals.

How do you know your stone was cleaned & sealed properly?
You can’t always tell by looking. Appearances can be deceiving. Many stones have rustic, old-world finishes, which appear ragged and worn by design. Cleaning and sealing stone does not change their appearance. If desired, re-honing or polishing upgrades can offer a more consistent finish to alter the appearance. However, improper procedures or using the wrong type of sealer can adversely effect the stone finish. Topical sealers or enhancers are often misapplied to smooth stones leaving blotchy, cloudy areas where scuffing and tracking can easily occur. If the stone has a rough surface, aggressive cleaning is necessary, otherwise haze and debris can remain on the stone. A visit from a qualified stone care professional is often needed to determine a diagnosis.

My stone is sealed but I’m getting dull spots that look like watermarks. What’s wrong?
Anything acidic etches the surface of marble, travertine and limestone. These dull, hazy, white looking marks are actually etches from foods, liquids, cleaners or other products containing acid. Etching can happen instantly. Like when lemon juice hits your eye and burns, the stone shows it just as quickly. Only routine polishing or honing can remove these spots. See the las vegas stone cleaning section for more info.

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Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Carpet cleaning is important! Carpeting is a major investment in your home, and regular cleanings are necessary to keep it looking new. Just as the clothes we wear need regular washing to keep them fresh and hygienic, so carpets require periodic professional carpet cleaning. Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of reduced carpet life, and enable destructive and health harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked. Carpet cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of carpets and soft furnishings, so regular cleaning makes economic sense too.